Friday, September 25, 2009

Is This a Frog?....Or a TOAD?????

I went outside tonight, with a bag of trash for the bin....
I saw this guy...he jumped high and hard
to get out of the giant's way

This guy frog/toad....was a pretty good guy....when I asked him to hop here...puff out there...he did it all on cue....I only had to get a stick after him once!


  1. That guy is a toad! Couple nice photos y'got there, too.

    On a somewhat different subjject, thank you for visiting my writing blog. I see we have a couple other things in common besides writing. I, too, and a motorcyclist and photographer. Check out my personal blog, Mushrooms to Motorcycles. (I photograph mushrooms because they hold still...)

  2. oops. Shame on me for not proofreading! You have permission to fix my typo.

  3. Hi Chessie, its a toad. Very cool photos on your blog. I also shoot what I like. Which has to do with bikes, hunting, or what ever I like. Im wondering how you stumbled onto it. You have a great day. dan(lowrider in the wind)

  4. there must be kind of heart to heart talk to judge whether its a frog or toad,,;-)
    well nice post