Monday, November 30, 2009

Piccadilly Circus, Never Again!

There is nothing at all on this earth like visiting Piccadilly Circus in London's West End...The city Westminister.

It's an amazing sight to the American eye.  As a road junction, I would guess it is about as famous as ahhh perhaps....Wall Street?  I love the picture conjured into my mind when I hear someone say "Piccadilly Circus". It's of bright colors, double deck buses, and neon lights!

It's now I have to tell you, that my introduction to London's shopping district came because of this man.


My name is Chance Brace.  I'm a private investigator... and I was brought to London from my home in Dallas TX. by Clarence Hedgerow, yes...the gentleman in the bowler, who apparently enjoys tormenting the pidgins of Piccadilly Circus by eating one of their own, right there on the square.

I was met at Heathrow Airport  by his personal assistant, Cinnamon Lecter.

I was frightened...Lecter?  Is she related to Hannibal? My imagination went wild.  I wasn't comfortable here in London...I was not allowed to carry on my trusty firearm...I felt naked and vulnerable.

I was so paranoid, I found myself gazing into the rear view mirrors of the parked cars....


I was looking for any kind of trouble...because as you might guess, trouble seems to follow me.  I'm a magnet for it...and without my fire power...I felt so obviously was really scary...

Cinnamon and Clarence took me to a boardwalk...I don't know where...and it was here Clarence's dog disappeared. What? He flew me over from TX to help him find his dog?  Clarence was insistent, I must ride the Farris wheel to get a lay of the land.  "EXCUSE ME?"  I ask, "I'm intolerant of heights! I could hardly get on the plane..."

Oh lord, I couldn't do it, I was fired on the spot, and promptly sent back home to TX.  I feel like such a wuss.


  1. Darn it, I just realized from reading others work...I did not follow directions...sorry I messed up.

  2. did wonderful my friend. There were updated instructions sent out late last week saying that you didn't have to do the Welcome Back Kotter. I made a mistake by doing that in the first place and it just isn't what Portrait of Words is about. This is a wonderful story. To think he was searching for the dog and scared of heights. I love it and the names of your characters. Well done my friend :)

    Rabbit, rabbit

  3. This was good, there are no rules when we write. Laugh at the idea he was flown all the way from Texas to find a dog. Great names you gave for the characters. Cinnamon Lecter, Clarence Hedgerow, too funny.

  4. Fun story, I enjoyed it, especially the names you conjured up! :)